Carrier Parts By Model Number

At Shortys HVAC Supplies we get many calls asking why we do not have our site set up so you can identify Carrier parts by the model number. Carrier Corp uses a variation of a model number to identify the parts used for a particular model. This is called the product or production number and it has several more digits than the standard model number. Every time a part is changed during the manufacturing process a digit is changed in the product number to specify which part was used. A specific model number may have many variations during the time it was used. We collect the product number and log into a Carrier database of all the production numbers and can see which parts were used during the manufacturing process. This is not a database that is readily available online. When we look up the product number for you we see the current part required for your application as well as any notes that have been added recommending any changes the equipment may need to complete your repair. By taking a few extra minutes we can many times prevent a problem you may have when making the repair. Your equipment will also maintain its UL rating and operate at peak efficiency.