Cleaning the Condenser Coil

Cleaning the condenser coil is very important maintenance. As the coil gets dirty you lose system efficiency which over works the unit and drives up operating cost as well as causing excessive wear.  High operating temperatures can cause a breakdown of the compressor oil. Excessive high pressure can damage internal parts inside the compressor. Once the damage occurs it is a very expensive repair.

To clean the coil make sure all power is shut off to the unit including the 24 volt supplied from the air handler inside the building. Remove the fan assembly and wash the coil from the inside out with a garden hose. Do not use excessive pressure as this can damage the aluminum fins. We do not recommend using chemicals as some detergents will cause deterioration of the aluminum fins.

After washing out the coil re-assemble the unit and leave it off for 2-3 hours to give everything time to dry out before restarting the system.

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